Greenwing & Dart 3: Whiskeyjack

Greenwing & Dart 3: Whiskeyjack

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Magic is out of fashion.
Outlaws make their own.

Jemis Greenwing has slain a dragon, been acknowledged as the Viscount St-Noire, and not incidentally also been given a raise. After a chaotic first month back in Ragnor Bella, he's finally feeling confident that he can make it to the Winterturn Assizes and the reading of his stepfather's will without falling headlong into any more disaster.

Then he's arrested on suspicion of murder.

By magic.

Of one of the greatest folk heroes of legend.

Trained to be a politically radical gentleman-of-leisure, Jemis thought he was doing fairly well as a bookstore clerk. That, of course, is before he ends up on the run in the Arguty Forest confronting highwaymen, illegal distillers, the odd relation, and the Wild Saint—not to mention the secrets a town truly committed to being infamously dull can hold. 

Book Three of Greenwing & Dart, fantasies of manners—and mischief.