Lays of the Hearth-Fire

Stories from the world of Zunidh, focusing particularly on the saga of Cliopher Mdang, tanà of the Wide Seas Islanders and bureaucrat extraordinaire.

Cliopher "Kip" Mdang originated as the viewpoint character of a vignette intended to show what the Last Emperor of Astandalas was like at a certain point in his life. It did not take more than a few pages to discover that Cliopher himself was a fascinating man with a great deal to say.

The story begins with The Hands of the Emperor. Petty Treasons is a companion story from His Radiancy's perspective. After you have read these two, the next in chronological order is The Return of Fitzroy Angursell, which follows on shortly after the end of The Hands of the Emperor and crosses with the Red Company stories. 

Look for a direct sequel to The Hands of the Emperor, At the Feet of the Sun, in 2022.