FAQ & Fun Stuff

Is there going to be another story about Cliopher?
Yes! It is called At the Feet of the Sun and it is tentatively scheduled for publication in 2022. It is going to be another large book so it may take longer than I expect.

What are you working on?
Many things! At the moment, I have a cluster of storylines that are coming close to crossing over each other, and am thus working on several books and shorter pieces at once. At the moment, these include short stories featuring Conju and Buru Tovo (the latter now available!); a novel about the older Pali Avramapul (expected later in spring 2022); The Weaver of the Middle Desert; and At the Feet of the Sun (the next in Lays of the Hearth-Fire).

Plum Duff (Greenwing & Dart book 6) is out now and I am working on the as-yet-untitled book #7.

How best can I support you?
Buying my books is obviously the best way. Telling your friends about them is also much appreciated! If you'd like to support me in between new releases, you can buy me a cup of tea or donate monthly using Ko-Fi. I also enjoy hearing from readers

Do you have any maps of Zunidh or Alinor?
I am working on them!

Fun Stuff
Want to chat about Cliopher and his Radiancy and all the rest? There's a fan-run Discord server called HOTE Support Group. Access it here.