FAQ & Fun Stuff

Can I get my books signed?
Yes, but please contact me directly before you make any orders so we can discuss shipping! Print books that are ordered from the site ship from the printer in the UK, which means I do not handle them personally and cannot sign before they ship. Signed books will be shipped from Canada.

Is there going to be another story about Cliopher?
Yes! It is called At the Feet of the Sun and it is now available.

What are you working on?
Many things! I have just finished At the Feet of the Sun and am going to take a small break to tidy up my house, do some research, etc. Next up, with expected publication dates in 2023: Derring-Do for Beginners (the first of the young Red Company books!), Greenwing & Dart #7, and possibly a few shorter things.

How best can I support you?
Buying my books is obviously the best way. Telling your friends about them is also much appreciated! You can also request your library to buy copies so that everyone can enjoy them. Finally, if you'd like to support me in between new releases, you can buy me a cup of tea or donate monthly using Ko-Fi. I also enjoy hearing from readers

Do you have any maps of Zunidh or Alinor?
I am working on them!

How long is the Greenwing & Dart series going to be?
An excellent question! Originally I was thinking it could be done in seven books, but that was before the various shenanigans in which Jemis and Mr. Dart are involved started to have increasingly fascinating ramifications. I have thus re-envisioned it as an open-ended series for now. Look out for book #7 in 2023.

What format are the books on your site?
The ebooks currently available for order are DRM-free EPUBs, delivered through Bookfunnel (who also do any technological troubleshooting). Look out for print books--both paperback and hardcover as much as is feasible--coming later in 2022.

Will audiobooks ever be available?
I hope so! Nothing is currently underway but I hope to move forward with audio in 2023.

Want to chat about Cliopher and his Radiancy and all the rest? There's a fan-run Discord server called HOTE Support Group. Access it here.