Greenwing & Dart

Fantasies of manners--and mischief.

Jemis Greenwing came home from university nursing a broken heart and a bad cold, both of which quickly turn out to have far more significance than he'd ever expected.

His hometown of Ragnor Bella is reputed to be the dullest town in the continent. That just means it's very good at hiding its secrets. Or it was, until Jemis and his best friend Mr. Dart start blundering around unravelling what they think are very small mysteries.

Fortunately both of them learned a thing or two at university ... even if it's the more arcane parts of their degrees that prove the most useful. It's one thing to illicitly attend extravagant dinner parties, and another to start answering riddles set by dragons ...

There are currently five books available in the series, with one related standalone novella about Jemis Greenwing's father, Jack Greenwing (Stone Speaks to Stone) and a short story set after Plum Duff.

Series order
1. Stargazy Pie
1.5. Stone Speaks to Stone
2. Bee Sting Cake
3. Whiskeyjack
4. Blackcurrant Fool
5. Love-in-a-Mist
6. Plum Duff
6.5. The Saint of the Bookstore