In the Realms of Gold

In the Realms of Gold

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Five invitations into the realms of poetry to five very different people, set in a world not altogether dissimilar to our own, resonant with myth and magic. These are standalone tales associated with Till Human Voices Wake Us.


Scheherezade: On the thousand and first night of Scheherezade the Storyteller's marriage, things do not go at all as she had hoped—nor do they end as she had expected.

Rook: The Prince of the Fairies is just out looking for mischief. That's not what he finds.

Not Far From the Tree: The world is full of unexpected stories. For Nora, hers is intricately tied with the old apple tree next to the village green. They say Eve fell to the temptation of an apple, but for Nora and her brother Charles, the apple just might be a vehicle for grace.

Blue Moon Over Pincher Creek: Tyler's an ordinary high school student in Pincher Creek, Alberta. On the last weekend before school starts, the night of a blue moon in August, he finds something strange in the back acres behind the wind farm past his father's ranch.

Inkebarrow: William Shakespeare takes a wrong turn going beyond the fields he knows—and in the Black Bull of Inkebarrow, he finds a turn from history to magic.