Now Available! AT THE FEET OF THE SUN is here!

Need I say more? I am very pleased to announce that At the Feet of the Sun is now available for purchase, both as an ebook and as a hardcover.

(In case you are wondering why there are two pages for ATFOTS, it is because I can add ebooks as a variant to the print page, but not the other way around, and since I did the ebook page first I don't want to mess up the links by combining them yet.)

I give you fair warning: ATFOTS is enormous. It's bigger than The Hands of the Emperor in many ways--word count (about 50k more than HOTE, 375k for ATFOTS), page length (914 pages for ATFOTS), and in terms of scope and scale. I've grown as a writer since I wrote HOTE, and I am very proud of how ATFOTS has come together.

I hope you enjoy it as much as--or even more than--I did writing it! If you do, I'd be delighted to hear it! (Get in touch via or the HOTE Support Group Discord server!--though be warned that it's currently full of people discussing ATFOTS!)

Happy reading!



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  • Li Gardiner on

    Thank you for these books! Humane and beautiful, you have built an archipelago that offers unexpected views, delightful trails, and sheltering coves in an increasingly turbulent world.

  • MerryB on

    Thank you for this tale. Thank you so much.

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