ATFOTS Pre-order Now Available!

ATFOTS Front Cover

Have you been wondering what on earth Cliopher is doing while his Radiancy is off on his quest to find an heir? I'm pleased to announce the pre-order for At the Feet of the Sun, the sequel to The Hands of the Emperor.

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  • Victoria Goddard on

    @Geraldine: Paper editions will be available in November! ATFOTS will be releasing first to those who have pre-ordered it on my website (November 1st) and on November 15th everywhere else, including The Book Depository.

  • Geraldine Reinbold on

    How do I buy a paper copy please? I have ordered in the past from The Book Repository but they don’t have At the feet of the Sun listed ( yet at least)

  • Judith Bradford on

    Happy, happy happy, HAPPY HAPPY! Cliopher sayo Mdang is among my favorite characters ever to be born from a writer’s mind :) When, o when, may we have this book???

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