ATFOTS Pre-order Now Available!

ATFOTS Front Cover

Have you been wondering what on earth Cliopher is doing while his Radiancy is off on his quest to find an heir? I'm pleased to announce the pre-order for At the Feet of the Sun, the sequel to The Hands of the Emperor.

Find it here

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  • Victoria Goddard on

    Regarding Greenwing & Dart: #7 (as yet untitled) will likely be out Spring 2023.

  • Deborah Brett on

    I just finished re-reading The Hands Of the Emperor, and enjoyed it just as much the second time. Kip is the steadfast, principled, brilliant statesman we all wish would run our government. I found it an antidote to the doomscrolling of following the current political news. Looking forward to the release of ATFOTS in ebook.

  • Lori Hoetker on

    Is there going to be a Kindle e-book ? Pre-order?

  • Geraldine Reinbold on

    Thank you for the info re the paper copy of ATFOTS. Next question!! Will there be a new Greenwing and Dart book soon? I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms. They are beautiful and stay in my head all the time.

  • Jennifer on

    For the pre-order link, is that for a paper book or eBook, and if it’s an eBook, what is the format?

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